Branding – What is it All About? Part II

In our previous article on branding and marketing we discussed the import

ance of creating a brand that stands out in a crowd of indistinguishable products, and creating a cult-like following for your brand. The rewards of successfully doing so are financially compelling! Plus, crafting a brand that stands out is fun, and should be an exciting project to work on!

So what are some things you can do in order to create a tribal following?
The answer is quite simple to understand, but can be difficult to do! In short, the answer is to turn your customers into your promoters.
Why is this effective?
1. People trust testimonials. Potential customers would much rather hear that you are great from your current customers, rather than from you!
2. Your customers are your least expensive way of advertising. The ones that love you, who are a part of your tribe, will promote you for free – as a way of inviting others to be a part of their tribe!
In reality this happens in every-day life, we just don’t recognize it as such. Here are a few examples…
1. I’m looking for a nice restaurant to take a date to, what would you recommend?
–Potential customer seeking a promoter/recommendation.
2. Have you been to that new movie theater over on Main Street – Current customer promoting the brand.
3. Go buy a car from that dealer down the street. My cousin had a great experience – Second level promoter!
Why do people promote brands? In short, it is because we have the desire to
help other people have good experiences. Many times, we do this for free, without even being asked to do it! It can be a very powerful tool to help you grow your business.
Ok, I understand – What do I do next?
Here are a few ideas for you to consider to get started on this path.
1. Be the best at what you do! – Shore up your operations to close all of the pain points for
customers. Get rid of all of the red tape, and just employ THE BEST customer service, and quality of products and services.
2. Give your customers VALUE. Constantly emphasize the things you do t
hat give them value (not best deal, not cheap prices, but ways you enhance their lives). Consider how you can give away freebies on your internet and social media platforms.
a. A restaurant may post videos of how you make a certain dish
b. An insurance firm may give info on how to catalog your items
c. A car wash place may post videos on how to clean up certain stains
3. Find out where you stand. Use the Net Promoter score to determine where you st
and with your
a. Ask your customers how likely they are to recommend you.
b. Ask how likely customers are to refer you. On a scale of 10:
i. Promoters are 9-10
ii. Passives are 7-8
iii. Detractors are 0-6
iv. Net Promoter Score = Subtract your percentage of customers who are detractors from your
promoters, and you get your score. (A score over 50% is good – the best will reach about 80%).
v. Then find ways to make improvements, and re-measure constantly to check progress.
As a second level to the Net Promoter score, determine how many of your
potential promoters are actual promoters, and invent ways to encourage your promoters to actively promote you. What you do depends on what kind of business you are and who your typical customer is, but taking advantage of your promoters can be a quick way to grow your business by using people who already are thrilled to be your customer!