Letter from the President


2017 for many will be a year of demonstrating your grit, perseverance, and ability to adapt to change. Whether you’re certain or uncertain of what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, what never changes is that you must keep moving towards accomplishing your goals.
While 3G has met significant milestones, our work is only just beginning. Surrounding oneself with a highly intelligent diverse group of people and pushing each other to find better ways to do things, makes a recipe for success. We are looking forward with cautious optimism, which requires a strategic and unwavering determination to make the best educated decisions. Together we do that.
This year we will continue building on the foundation we began. For example, the 3G EDGE program (Educating Developing and Growing Entrepreneurs) will have its first round of businesses that are beneficiaries of highly skilled Graduate Level Professionals lending methodical and real world expertise to current business issues. Some of these issues include mismanagement, stagnation, and lack of knowledge with financial accelerator opportunities. We will continue to pursue the creation of partnerships throughout the Greater Houston area. Our vision is to see it all come together in 2017 in the form of measurable impact and making a difference using a mantra of Leadership through Service.
The 3G Think Tank will continue to develop further and begin the arduous task of creating a clear narrative. Our areas of focus are identification of missed opportunities in Houston, sustainability and density in the ecosystem, strategic forecasting and much more. You have our firm commitment that we will continue to build a platform that voices a positive and proactive economic development goal 3G. Working closely with the 3G Research team will further the depth of our approach and open windows to new thoughts and ideas.
Additionally, bringing in the right people makes all the difference in the world. Our Membership initiatives will introduce Graduate Level Professionals and Successful Business Owners to further highlight what differentiates 3G, what makes us special. 2017 will be an exciting time for members as they get an opportunity to leave a thumbprint on the creation of what will continue for generations to come. Why? Because there’s a need and we’re here to help.
2017 is looking pretty darn good.
-Manuel Aguilar, MBA
Chairman & President
Graduate Growth Group