The State of 3G

What started as a thought became a reality. Thoughts really do become things.  3G was born from a need to invest in people so that they can invest in others. True “Leadership Through Service” was a huge void we saw at the intersection of the business professional and business owner community.   That’s where we came in and the challenge we took on. Where there was no common ground, we challenged the notion with Acceler8, an interpersonal skills development program. After four years of hammering, nailing, prepping and painting, we find ourselves addressing a huge need and serving others in a distinct way.  People building. After several graduations and on track to have 150+ graduated by 2019, Acceler8ers have shared their success stories in how their approach and prosperity has been positively affected.

I’m particularly proud of our demographics.  Men and Women are evenly balanced at 50/50, and our ethnicities span the globe.  This demonstrates how interpersonal skills are both applicable and needed by all. True diversity and true inclusion are a foundation for 3G’s current and future success.  

I would be remiss if I did not thank the Board of Directors that have been part of this journey, as well as, our current Board that will continue to shape and mold the organization.  In particular, Co-founder Lindsay Fisher and Co-founder Austin Werner have played key roles over the course of several years, many meetings, and hundreds of hours. All this for the opportunity to help others.  Thank you for your time and dedication. My special thanks to Co-founder Gustavo Suarez, to whom I’m handing the reigns over and will continue to grow what we started. Gustavo who has been a key contributor, ally, friend, and brother, has accepted the role of Chairman of the Board.  He is surrounded by a group of people who truly understand the power of Leadership Through Service and an insatiable thirst to make our community a better place.

While I will continue to serve in an Advisory Board Member role for the next two years, I look forward to working closely with everyone and excited to see and experience the continued success of 3G.  

The state of 3G is strong.

-Manuel Aguilar, MBA