What’s in Your Operations Toolbox?

Today, the small business environment is competitive, challenging and dynamic. Business owners worldwide face a new era of technology and innovation. Therefore, it is vital to stay up to date with the resources that lead us to optimize our daily operations.


Here are 5 key tools & resources that will have a positive and direct impact in your business.
#1 Dropbox
Most of us have experienced data loss at some point. Whether it’s your computer crashing or losing your planner, in this day and age we have no excuse for that to happen. Dropbox offers a cloud based platform with the latest security standards to keep data safe. Any business employee can access any file from any pc or mobile device worldwide, share with external parties (i.e., client, vendor) and collaborate with other teams.
#2 Google for Business
Google for business has multiple applications to improve the communications in your business. Gmail allows you to receive and send emails from multiple accounts and from the same portal. One can also purchase a domain to maintain that professional corporate image. Google Hangouts is a robust communications app that allows you to chat, share files, screen share and video conference to maintain teams connected at all times. Google Docs is an app allows you to work simultaneously in the same file with others while being able to see live what other participants are typing or editing. Another great app included in your Google for Business package is Google Analytics. This app becomes key in allowing you to build metrics reports and analyze your data for effective decision making.
#3 RingCentral
A VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that allows you to have a U.S. or Canadian phone number from anywhere worldwide. Have you ever thought about opening a branch overseas? Decades ago, this option was only available to giant companies due to the cost involved. Today, it can be done with as low as $24.99 per month. RingCentral allows you to record phone calls, track calls, collect data, and add unlimited extensions to centralize the entire phone system with the click of a button.
#4 BaseCamp
This tool is built to collaborate with teams on several projects simultaneously and is a dynamic and interactive version of Microsoft Project. Ideas, dreams and objectives are all acceptable terms to start somewhere. BaseCamp offers a dynamic platform that integrates tasks, calendars, follow-ups, reminders and internal group chats for all participants to start and complete several tasks that lead to efficient communication and completion of projects.
#5 Infogram
Some challenges to maintain proper communication from sender to receiver are always at the forefront of business. Therefore, it’s a complete necessity to ensure the implementation of new processes is fully understood. Infogram helps to bring complex subjects into quantitative graphic results. Visualization of processes helps employees and their participants to understand where they stand and the impact each one has in the overall process.
Try these currently used applications as a step in the right direction to automate your business operations. As technology advances, so should your business.
Carpe Diem!
Gustavo Suarez
Gustavo is Owner President of JPG Accounting & Payroll, a Small Business educator, and Community Development Advocate.